Making SMS Bundle meaningful to you

Send Bulk SMS, One to One Messages online, get instant feed back, Reset password verification Messages... with Your SMS bundle Using Noregrets.

"No Short Codes, Use Your Mobile Phone Number!!!!!"


SMS On Cloud

Store Your SMS on cloud, Keep truck of your SMS, Analyze your SMS

Quick Meetings

Send SMS to your loved ones inviting them to your; Wedding, introduction, meetings, parties.

Send SMS

Send Bulk SMS, One to One SMS, Get instant feed back from your receipient using your mobile SMS bandle

Do Research With SMS

Sending a survey over text is a fast way of getting feedback from your customers.

Other Systems Integration

Add messaging functionality in your existing system with Noregrets robust APIs.

your Offer

Get free 100 SMS Now! with our incredible double credit offer.

How it works

Noregrets is an SMS platform. You can simply synchronize / import you contacts using an excel file via Web interface or API. Send one to one or bulk SMS to your clients using your SMS bundle.

You need to install Noregrets app on your smart phone, for you to use this service. find the link below.




Total app Downloaded

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